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Thread: Info - Swim Meet at Saint Anthony Middle School, Sat 17 Feb

Created on: 02/16/18 07:01 PM

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Info - Swim Meet at Saint Anthony Middle School, Sat 17 Feb
02/16/18 7:01 PM


Good afternoon.

Here is an update to my earlier email regarding the time trial that we are participating in tomorrow, along with Saint Agnes.

Warm-ups start – 2:00 PM

Meet/trials start – 2:45 PM

Estimated end time - 4:30-5:00 PM

Saint Anthony Middle/High School is a 15-20 minute drive from Saint Marks and is located at: 3303 33rd Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN. 55481

Key Notes:

- Try to be on the pool deck 5-10 minutes prior to the start of warm-ups

- Please wear your team suits (if you have them)

- Coaches will distribute team swim caps to all of the kids who do not have them or need new ones (white with blue graphics)

- Our swimmers will be swimming at least 4-5 events

- Saint Marks will be in lane 1, 2 & 3 for the entire afternoon

- We are not planning to assign the kids to any specific events.

We need volunteers for the following (please):

- Timers & scribes, 6 total. As I mentioned before we have lanes 1-3 for the afternoon. So, we will have 2 volunteers per lane – one will time and the other will record the name of swimmer and his/her time. I will provide clipboards and pencils. You will get damp, so dress appropriately.

- Depending on the number of coaches that I have, I might need a couple of parents to help direct our swimmers, in particular the youngest kids, from our seating area to the blocks.

For planning purposes, please email me if you would like to volunteer.

Best regards,

Greg Cell – 612 578-7881


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Greg Neary

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