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Thread: Kids' Summer Play Auditions Coming!

Created on: 05/10/18 01:29 PM

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Kids' Summer Play Auditions Coming!
05/10/18 1:29 PM

Dedicated St Mark's volunteers have been running a full-scale musical production for 20+ years every summer. Kids have a lot of fun seeing friends, learn a lot about putting together a production, and gain confidence on stage. 

Auditions are coming! From the production team:


The Play Production Team is getting ready for another fabulous summer play!!

We will be having auditions on Tuesday May 22nd 7 PM at Carolyn Hall.

1st-3rd graders do not need to audition, but do need to come with parents to turn in their registration forms (attached) and attend a short meeting.

4th-8th graders will do the same then they will be asked to sing a short song in a group and individually. They will also read lines from a script. No need to rehearse!

Attached is the registration form and the rehearsal schedule for your fridge. Please note we always need volunteers, so we appreciate your signing up for something or several things!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on May 22nd. If you have questions, let us know.

The 2018 Play Production Team

Jana Hayden-Sofio

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