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Thread: Changes to Markerspride Forums

Created on: 05/25/18 01:39 PM

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Changes to Markerspride Forums
05/25/18 1:39 PM

Hi All,

Geoff Laskowski, Saint Mark's parent and TAC* Chair here. Some of you may have noticed a change to the forum permissions when attempting to access certain threads. That was the result of a review I did recently of things that I thought should be restricted to members of the Saint Mark's community (parents, teachers, staff, etc.) and not the general public.

Worry not, all of those threads are still there, you just need a login to view them. "Wait", you're saying to yourself, "I don't have a login. How do I get one?" That's easy, just send an email to or the school office, and a request to set one up will be sent to me. You'll get an email from the forum with access details.

Please reach out to me with questions or concerns.


* Technology Advisory Committee

Geoff Laskowski

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